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The Company

rocca home…Our firm, situated in a green valley in the heart of Umbria, has been present in the market now for more than 50 years. We have the experience and the secrets typified by the pressings of our thriving house of olives, a company tradition that still today, thanks to the appointment of qualified personnel and careful craftsmanship, bestows on the products exceptional characteristics of goodness and taste.

Our products are intended for an elite few of connoisseurs for specialized sale. The consumer who doesn't look for a product that is common and featureless, exploited by the hard laws of the marketplace, but who looks for the quality and the genuineness of a product typically Umbrian.

Amongst all the issues of the season, the first produced is our Extra Virgin Oil “Frantoio Melchiorri Spoleto" which is known primarily for its genuineness and purity. It is obtained with respect to an ancient Umbria tradition in all phases from the harvest to the selection of the olives and concluding with the crushing through modern and sophisticated mills. This tradition is Umbrian, and from Spoleto in particular.

For the preservation of the precious juice of the olive, we have used squared bottles of glass, without any process of mechanical filtration. This better enhances the oil and leaves it transparent, accenting the colour of the oil, veiled in which and preserved in suspension are the small particles of olive pulp.

This natural oil is guaranteed by us each day to the confidence and satisfaction of a connoisseur who appreciates fully all the characteristics of purity and genuineness. This is confirmed by the values [organolettici] (where we don't find rivals in the market) maintaining a constant of exceptional quality with an acidity never greater than 0.2-0,3%.

If we have offered the ultimate in deserved praises, similar commendation goes to our Extra Virgin Oil "Contadino", with a character more modest and common. If this oil is "common" few have the quality of our extra virgin oil of second pressing, with acidity consistently between 0.4 and 0.5 %. It is always excellent for fish, vegetables, game, etc.

To compliment our products our firm commercializes some Umbrian specialties combined with our own oils: the "Truffle Sauce" with a base of truffles, cultivated porcini mushrooms and spices; and pâtés of black olives or select greens. From the beginning there has only been one proof, but the compared success obliges us to seek new and different recipes to answer the always increasing demands of market's needs.

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