It is poured the same of a spoon of soup for each type of oil in 2 glasses. You warm the containing with your hand and move near your nose to the oil, you inhale slowly 2 or 3 times. Memorize and repeat if necessary after 1 minute.


Then, you will taste 2 pieces of bread not salt with a little of oil to take the taste. Or to take 10 drops of oil in the tongue, moving it a for some second. You close the teeth and with the lips a little closed you inhale quickly 2 or 3 times. The oil with the presence of defect must be tasted at last.




Good health. Avoid the use of perfumes, cigarette and coffee. The tasting can be made a hour after breakfast. In the afternoon after the 5:00 pm.


Concentration, Memory. Maximum 4 tasting in the morning, with a pause with mineral water. Always do a inhale screaning before deciding the order to taste the samples.


Environment sq. m. 10-20 Fresh area. Glasses, Natural water, Bread non salted.


The sensation of the fruit just squeezed due to a little presence of aromas

Light spicy present in the first months of the squeezing that disappear after few seconds from the swallowing. Its presence is an indicator of the integrity and health of the fruit.

It is the whole of intense aromas that lasts during all the year after the squeezing.

When the perfume taste and sensation are in perfect balance.

Typical of some areas of production and different plants.

The sensation of bitter is tasted in the bottom of the palate. When it remains for some minutes after the tasting, it is a defect.
To these Merits there is to add the cleaning of the taste and the absence of defects.
At last the origin from a determinate area can influence in a positive or negative way the judgement.


Bad sensation of melon too mature.It is due to the aging of the oil cause by the light and warm.

It comes from the bad preservation of the olives before the squeezing.

It is due to the bad preservation of the olives before the squeezing and to an increasing of temperature. Sensation of boiled legumes.

It is due to the fermentation of the olives before the squeezing sensation of vinegar.

It is due to the long contact of the oil with the natural deposits. Dirty sensation.

Sensation produced by the squeezing of olives touched by the oil fly.

Sensation of missing of harmony and of cleaning in general. It is due to the squeezing of olives not in the perfect state of preservation.

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