From the traditional Umbrian gastronomy. All products are handmade with fresh ingredients.

Tartufata (with black truffle)

Tartufata sauce is the cream of our production. This delicious sauce is made from mushrooms and truffles. It is excellent with every kind of pasta (spaghetti, tortellini, agnolotti, cappelletti, tagliatelle…), but it can be also used to prepare tasty bruschette (seasoned toasted bread), to garnish hot or cold canapés. Tartufata sauce transforms meat (roast beef, breasts of chicken and turkey, rabbit, guinea-hen, pigeon…) into a refined dish. We suggest diluting the product with tomato sauce, with cream, butter, béchamel or cream cheese according to taste. Artigianal handmade product made with fresh ingredients.

Ingredients: Fresh mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus), seeds oil, black truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt) 6%min. , salt, dried parsley leaves, granular garlic, truffle vegetal extract in olive oil. No preservative.

Black truffle

“Ground Black Truffle” exalts the natural flavour of the tuber.
“Whole Black Truffle” truffle cut into slices or crumbled to make a dish still more refined. We suggest the pasta of the duchy of Spoleto unique, unforgettable: Strangozzi. Mamma Rosa used to prepare them by hand in the Melchiorri kitchen.

“Black Truffle Slices”.

“White Truffle Sauce” (With White Truffle).

“Boletus Mushrooms and White Truffle Cream”.

Black and green olive patè

These simple delicious olive patés are obtained using only the best local olives. They are prepared by hand in the traditional way. Black and Green Olive Patés go well with every kind of pasta and several kinds of meat, but one can best appreciate their aroma and taste on toasted bread.

Boletus mushrooms patè

The best local boletus mushrooms and delicious champignons. The taste and flavour make this paté ideal for pasta and risotto.

Artichoke patè

Artichoke Paté is made from the heart of the artichoke. Fragrant spices intensify the flavour. We suggest using this paste on toasted bread, or with risottos, or pasta.

Umbrian Strangozzi

Umbrian Strangozzi are made by hand . Black Truffle Strangozzi, Boletus Mushrooms Strangozzi, Strangozzi made from biological spelt, Rustichelle, Strangozzi with Asparagus.

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