Production area

Rocky hilly ground in Umbria along the Pre-Apennine foothills extending from Spoleto to Assisi (Spoleto, Trevi, Spello, Foligno, Assisi).

Olive Grove/Harvest

Melchiorri extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives of Frantoio, Moracciolo, Leccino variety, that are exclusively picked by hand from the end of October to the beginning of December.


Following an ancient tradition the olives are pulped by means of a granite millstone. Extra virgin olive oil is achieved at the first cold pressing.

Organoleptic components (technical survey)

SCENT: intense, fruity of olive, floral, a full bouquet, typical.

TASTE: fruity flavour, very full-bodied, typical, neither bitter nor spicy; delicate and fragrant, a lively, slightly sharp taste. This unmistakable flavour is due to the richness of polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants.

DENSITY: intensely full-bodied, unfiltered.

ACIDITY: 0,2%; peroxides 8.-10., polyphenols 400-700.

COLOUR: intense green/yellow; unfiltered.


Melchiorri extra virgin olive oil is incomparable on toasted bread, salads and on vegetables seasoned with “pinzimonio” dressing. This olive oil is best with raw game, barbecued meat, vegetable and bean soups.


Melchiorri extra virgin olive oil is particularly good for dressing uncooked Mediterranean foods. The abundance of polyphenoles, which are powerful antioxidants, make this product unique, nutritive and healthy. Recent medical research suggest that extra virgin olive oil protects the human body from oxidation and from cellular ageing.

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